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Hadley Senior/Community Center

Welcome to the Arthur 'Mo' Wright Senior/Community Center

Dedication Ceremony

October 1, 2009


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Back in November 2007, the town of Hadley residents unanimously voted to approve the construction of a Senior/Community Center for our town. Since then, Supervisor Wright and staff have been diligently working to prioritize this project so that the residents of Hadley have a nice place to hold events. This page is dedicated to the progress of this project. The town board cannot thank enough the volunteers that have come and are coming out to keep this project moving forward.


November 2007 - Town of Hadley residents approved construction of the Hadley Senior/Community Center



April 2008  - Plans approved and Site work began.


May 2008 - Footings for foundation dug.


Digging the foundation1    Digging the foundation2    Digging the foundation3



September 2008 - DeRidder Concrete pours the foundation.


Pouring the Foundation


November 2008


The senior/community center is all framed up, the power is turned on and the Town is in the process of arranging plumbing and heat installation.


The Framing is done.   The buiding is up.    Inside of the all new Hadley Senior /Community Center             -



June 2009


The senior/community center is insulated and sheet rocked.  The taping of the walls has begun along with the siding on the outside.



Completion is in site.



Insulation and Sheetrock     Sheetrock started       Sheetrock continued



Outside work has begun.    Siding going on      Siding has begun



Siding continues





October 1, 2009   

Dedication ceremony